Pure Innovation are leaders in product development and prototyping for new Innovations & Manufacturing Australia Wide.
Using the latest technologies for computer-aided design & prototyping, we provide a full stack service.
From concept, to modeling, to computer simulations, physical prototyping and manufacturing.
Pure Innovation is who you trust to create word-class products across a range of industries.


Pure innovation is all you need throughout the full life cycle of your development. From the initial concept, revisions, prototyping and even full scale manufacturing. 

We can even assist in further upgrades and new versions of your products to ensure new releases remain consistent.

We use state of the art CAD, modeling and simulation software to make sure your product is perfect the first time.

life cycle of product development

We will guide you through each of these stages, give advice on IP protection and help you to ultimately bring your product to market.


Concept and Industrial design

Turning your ideas and concepts into CAD designed 3d models



Developing your designs to improve form and function. Material analysis and simulations


3d printing & prototyping

Various 3D printing services including fully functioning Prototypes using the latest in 3D printing technology and manufacturing techniques


Manufacturing and Mass production

Using our overseas manufacturing partners we can mass-produce your products, assemble and package them ready for sale


Product sourcing, QC and shipping

Our Product specialists can find any existing products that are already being manufactured, do QC on mass-produced products and ship them anywhere in the world


Past Developments


Design and make prototypes for a sanitising toilet seat for commercial use.
To make this work we had to design a housing, a PCB board, a power source, fluid canisters and develop a way to distribute the fluid under pressure, All while being easily interchangable and able to be produced and maintained on a mass market scale.


Develop a product for the new 3 and 4 bin system that reminds people when to put your bins out.
We designed a product that flashes a light on the day you need to put your bins out and is programmed by a single button
simple to use and doubles as a direct marketing product for brands.
With mass production in mind, we had to engineer a design capable of being able to be manufactured in high quantity. 
The end result being the potential of manufacturing upwards of 200,000 per day.


design a race car drink system that is quick to change the water, keeps water cold and is strong and lightweight.

We designed, prototyped and developed a few different concepts. Did extensive testing which lead us to our final design, An insulated carbon fiber main housing, molded internals, a quick change bottle with dry break system and added an innovative fully adjustable mount so it can be used anywhere in any car. We packaged it in a custom protective case ready for international sale.
This product has now been out in the market for 2 years and is the leading race car drink system in the world. It’s now used in NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, V8 Supercars, Aus GT, Intercontinental GT Challenge and Blancpain GT not to mention all the national and state-level categories that use this system and the internals are also used in Formula 1.



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To make this work we had to design a housing, a PCB board, a power source, fluid canisters and develop a way to distribute the fluid under pressure.

As this hadn’t been done before we had to develop everything from scratch.

First we had to find a way to get all these parts within the confines of a toilet seat, we found the best way to do this was to have them all built into the lid and down between the seat portion.

We then had to create a fluid delivery system to completely cover the seat, after testing a few different ways to do this we found that having thin tubes and running the nozzles in series would work but we needed enough pressure to achieve this.

Finding canisters the right pressure and size was next, after testing we found that glen 20 cans would work well but we had to increase the pressure inside the can to distribute the fluid to the nozzles well enough to atomize the fluid.

Once we increased the pressure in the cans, it reached the nozzles well but we found that it was hard to get it to atomize and get full coverage.
we tested a few designs until we found one that worked perfectly with the pressure and gave complete coverage.
next was to make a way to operate the system, we designed a PCB board and programmed it to deliver at a certain duration.

Because it was a sanitary item we needed a switching mechanism that you didn’t have to touch, so we developed a capacitive switch that integrated with the PCB. you could then wave your hand over it to operate and we incorporated an innovative light system that shows when the system is operating it and when the canisters and/or batteries need replacing.
The end result was a product that fits the brief perfectly and it included a stack of new innovations the customer wasn’t expecting.


We sketched a few different ideas on how to achieve this and eventually went with a concept that incorporated an insulated carbon fiber housing with drink bottles that have quick-release dry-break fittings.
We drew this concept up in Solidworks piece by piece then created an assembly to bring all the parts together to test how they fit in the program.
then we did strength and strain analysis of materials and replicated the G forces exerted on materials in motorsport
we sourced the various internals from many different manufacturers worldwide and put these all together to prove they would work
Made numerous modifications to suit these parts and to improve form, fitment, and function.
once the main housing was drawn up and all parts fitted in perfectly when then turned our attention the water bottles we soured a product that was high quality and could be sourced in high volume reasonably easily.
we would have to make our own dry break caps for these which proved harder than expected as no one had ever done this before.
so there was no off the shelf solution, we ended up getting 6 different parts from 6 different countries and assembling them all together to make this work.
and it worked perfectly.
next were prototypes, 3D printing was used to make prototype housings etc then assembled into a fully functioning product. 
once made we tested it in a well known Porsche Carrera cup team in Australia with great success.
through testing we found that the mounts could be an issue as there are many different types of roll bars and mounting options in a race car, they also need to be able to handle massive G forces, especially in a crash.
we developed an innovative way to mount these units using a single fully adjustable mount that lets you mount on 32mm -55mm roll bars on any angle and with 2 different flat mounting options aswell. this meant that anyone could mount these units in their car without any problems.
We made another couple of prototypes and tested them, following testing we were able to improve the design to make it work better, bring the cost down and look like a world-class product.
This product for Rampage race products was only needed in limited numbers for a start.
So we continued to make the first batches in 3d printed materials that are as strong and look like perfectly molded products.
we worked with our overseas manufacturers to produce an awesome way to package the product in a custom aluminum travel case.
we had our overseas manufacturers make all the parts, assemble, test and package the products for a cost-effective price ready for distribution anywhere in the world.
This product has now been out in the market for 2 years and is the leading race car drinks system in the world.
its now used in NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, V8 Supercars, Aus GT, Intercontinental GT Challenge and Blancpain GT not to mention all the national and state-level categories that also use this system and our designed internals are also used in Formula 1.